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scientists create sausage from foreskin

Breaking News: Scientists Grow Sausage From Foreskin Cells

In a groundbreaking study from the Weinberg Institute in the US, scientists have unveiled a new technique that turns foreskin tissue into delicious sausage that could one day offer a green alternative to raising livestock, help alleviate world hunger, and save some pigs their life. Scientists collected foreskin cells from voluntary human donors aged between 0-6 months and grew them into strips of massive muscle that they combined to make a sausage. The ...

“We thought she was asking for a handjob”: Swiss Shop that denied Oprah’s request for a handbag explains

The owner of a shop in Zurich where a rich American tourist named Oprah Winfrey denied her right to buy an expensive ($35,000) handbag has called the incident a “lost-in-translation” moment. “We thought she was asking for a handjob,” says Trudy Gozz, owner of the shop. “By the time we figured it out as a handbag, she was already left.” Oprah Winfrey, one of the world’s richest women, accused the shop of purposefully hurting ...
NYPD raid man for google search explicit words

Cops raid local man for searching *explicit word* in Google

A local man from New York was pleasantly surprised after discovering a pair of NYPD’s finest officers at his house who came to check if he was all right. The raid was caused by “suspicious” web search of *explicit word* in Google. It seems that searching *explicit word* in Internet attract close attention of the US security forces since Jules Winnfield shot Brett for eating a breakfast burger in 1994, where the assaulter lavishly used *explicit ...
royal baby poops british

Finally, Royal baby Poops!

Merely after few days of his birth, excited sources close to the Royal family reported that the royal baby has delivered his poop in traditional style. “It is a huge one,” screamed Emily, the Royal nanny who found it first. “It was a marvelous job by Prince George. We haven’t seen something like this in Britain over the past few decades,” said Raj Patel, the Royal Chef, after examining the excrement. “Traditionally, Royal poop comes in ...

Rape Tourism Industry to see 30% growth in 2013

Hoping to build on strong growth in the recent past, Rape Tourism industry in India is expected to grow by about 20-30 percent this year, according to a forecast published this week by the Tourism Ministry in its website. “We expect 2013 to be another challenging year for Rape Tourism,” said K. Ramarajan, Director of the Indian Tourism Office in New Delhi. “But it has been going good so far this year.” Rape Tourism, a multi billion-dollar ...