A new computer virus claim 30 lives in Pakistan

The state’s Health Department is alarmed over reports of a computer virus infection in the northwest province of Pakistan and called on the public to take necessary precautions. The newly identified “Oprah Virus” is the first ever computer virus to cause human casualty.

After the number of deaths increased to 30, district health officials declared emergency in hospitals. District Health Officer (DHO) Dr. Muhammad Iqbal said “patients infected with the virus show symptoms of depression, anxiety and lack of libido. Most of the deaths were suicides due to severe mental depression”.


Faqir Mehmmood lost two of his brothers. (Photo by © CC- Matthew Thistle (enthogenesis) / flicker)

Talking to The Wadian, Faqir Mehmmood, who lost two brothers from the deadly virus, said the infection started from an Internet cafe in Peshwar. “My brothers used to go there to see photos of white women on the computer. Somebody sent them a virus file named Oprah, containing a naked picture of an old, fat, ugly woman. It was really scary. They immediately deleted the file and ran out of the café. After that my brothers had severe erectile dysfunction and mental depression.”

Younis Khan, who lost his 14-year-old son, complained about the negligence of the medical staff. “My son taken to the hospital in time but the doctors gave them only antibiotics. He might have survived if they gave him a hand job for god’s sake”, he added.

The awareness campaign is underway in the affected areas, stated the DHO. “In the last three days around 3,500 men have been informed against the graphic nature of the beast.” The Oprah virus file was sent to Islamabad for investigation by the IT department, said the DHO. “We will stick out plans for the eradication of the disease after receiving the reports.”

When contacted, doctors at the headquarters hospital could not give the exact number of men infected with the virus who come for treatment. While Dr. Khan at the District Hospital, who wished not to be named, said many men suffering from severe depression and erectile dysfunction had come to him about a week ago, and he treated and rescued them with simple prostate massage therapy.

Had the patients stopped forwarding the viral e-mail to their friends, many lives could have been saved, he said. “Due to lack of sexual facilities in the village, most of our men prefer to go to Internet for their needs,” he added.

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