Blonde girl cheat on IQ test, scores higher than Albert Einstein

A 16-year-old blond girl from Kansas cheated her way on to score 170 on IQ test, more than Bill Gates and Albert Einstein, stunned her parents.

Jessica McFadden, the teenager who enjoys time on Facebook and YouTube, is very proud of her high score, especially because “it kicks all the stigmas associated with being blonde on the Ass”.

“Ma teachers thought I was jus stupid. They think I waste time on the net chattin,” she told The Wadiyan. “Now I can hear them sayin ‘I didn’t realize you were that clever sweetie’.”

Jessica a student at Creation Valley High School in Dodge City, Kansas came to know about a website offering online IQ test with no time and trial limits, from her online friend. She started doing the test for fun scoring single and double-digit scores in her first attempts.


 Photo: © CC Rob Lee / Flicker

According to Jessica, the questions were more or less same for each test. After repeated attempts and “googling” she could find answers for most of the questions. Finally, after weeks of hard work, on January 29th, Jessica sat for the test for the last time. Although it was stressful, she turned out successfully scoring much higher than Bill Gates and even Albert Einstein!

“I received a copy of the test score along with a congratulatory mail in my inbox the same day,” says delighted Jessica.

Her parents, George and Mary, say they’ll support Jessica in whichever path she decides to follow, and take a lot of pride in the fact that their daughter may be able to put an end to the ‘blondes are imbecile’ label in their community.

“Most of the time people think blonde girls are dim. Jessica is a cute blondie but now she has shown the world she is smarter than Einstein for God’s sake,” said Mary, the proud mother. “Her teachers says she would get membership in some thing called MENSA. I always tell my children, if you work hard you ought to get paid for.”

Though at present she dreams of being a dancer in the local club, if she ever decides to go to college after high school, she plans on studying physics at Harvard University. The teenage prodigy is also a gifted YouTube reply girl and a prominent Facebook activist, she has commented on various social issues on her wall and received numerous likes from hundreds of people around the globe.

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