What career would you recommend to the retired Pope Benedict XVI?

While speculation swirling on the net about future plans of the retired Pope, we asked our readers what they think he should do next.


Mike McDonald, Atheist, NY

Work as a Bartender in Italy. “He might enjoy doing some real job and serving the world in a more meaningful way,” Mike said. “Imagine him making you a Bloody Mary”.


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James Mann, Film Buff, LA

Make a good horror movie. “I am really pissed off with all that stupid exorcist movies coming out these days. Why not someone real do the last exorcist for a change?”




Richard Butler, Guitarist, MA

Make a YouTube viral video. “I heard that, from his child hood Ratzinger was crazy about Pop music,” said Richard. “Perhaps it is time for some real Pope-Music.”




Marco Cain, Republican, Teabagger, AL

“He should run for president in 2016. That is my dream – reclaim America for Jesus,” said Marco. “Imagine a President with the powers of infallibility”!



Rev. Fr. Matthew, Parish Priest, NJ

“If I were him, I would spend time with children,” said Rev. Matthew. “He should be able to give lessons of morality to our young boys. But parents are getting less and less god fearing. They keep their kids away from church.”

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