YouTube to offer free breast augmentation therapy for its Reply Girls

Google Inc.’s video-sharing unit YouTube LLC unveiled on Tuesday its plan to offer breast augmentation surgery to its Reply Girls for free.

The new YouTube rule makes it mandatory to have F-cup size breasts for Reply Girls. “We’re always looking for new ways to improve the YouTube experience and (also) to support our partners,” said John Woo, program manager of YouTube’s Breast care team. “Technically, Reply Girls are not our employees, we consider them as important partners,” he added.


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The new Reply Girl plan is expected to cost 3.2 million USD for the tech giant. Some of the procedures covered by YouTube’s new plan include genital surgery, breast lift surgery, breast reconstruction as well as facial feminization for transgender Reply Girls. “At present, the average boob size is around 34C,” said John Woo. “Since the appearance of Reply Girls in 2011, we have been tracking and analyzing the impact of boob size on video views and user retention. The correlation is overwhelmingly positive.”

Not everyone in the tech world is surprised. “Anyway, there has been substantial increase in boob size throughout the Reply Girl evolution,” Evan Murphy, teenager and a fulltime Youtuber, told The Wadiyan. “In YouTube world, it is called – Survival of the Breastest. The ones with smaller boobs generally gets eliminated in the booby race,” he added. 

While YouTube’s new plan has been appreciated by majority of Reply Girls, there are voices asking for more. Celebrity Reply Girl Alejandra Smith, known as “theforeplaygirl,” in her new reply, asked YouTube LLC to consider paying for her English course as well. “YouTube is making a lot of money using us. Now it would be a great idea to invest some money back,” she said.

But YouTube management denied such possibility. According to John Woo, all that matter is size. “Do you click on a reply video to get knowledge?” he asked. Generally, employees at the YouTube’s head office, sees the move as part of a larger progressive strategy crucial to maintaining a competitive edge.

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