Feminist parents name baby girl “Thomas Jefferson”

Eva McCracken and Samuel Jefferson, feminist couple from Nebraska, has caused controversy after they apparently named their baby daughter “Thomas Jefferson”.

“We did not give her a masculine name because we expected a boy or because we think our daughter will be better off with a boy’s name,” said Eva McCracken. “But we want to tell her that she is as good as any one with a masculine name out there,” she added.

Some locals and family members were not happy that someone could name their female child after the founding father, a male. “In this country, girls’ names are for girls and boys’ names are for boys,” said Jimmy Garcia, the local bartender. “It is not acceptable for many reasons. It screws up the social setup, you know”.

little girl parentsMany of their close relatives were also furious about the issue. “This little girl is going to suffer a lot. People will ask her if she has got a penis,” said Anne McCracken, the grand mother. “No man will marry her, she will end up gay”.

But Samuel Jefferson, the father of “Thomas Jefferson” said they were very careful about naming their daughter. “We actually wanted to call her “Thomas McCracken,” to break the traditional paternal family name rule. But McCracken sounded bit creaky,” he said.

“Traditional female names carry the history of female suppression and a call for submission to patriarchy,” said Eva McCracken, the feminist mother.

According to Dr. Penfield, Anthropologist at Adam Smith University, It’s not so strange to find more parents naming their girls what have traditionally been boy names. Madison, for example, once a male name, has now become the eighth most popular name for girls. “But I haven’t seen anyone naming their boys Elizabeth or Catherine,” he said.

When asked, Samuel and Eva were not sure about naming their boy “Elizabeth” in the future. “Nothing against that name but we don’t want him to feel like a pussy, you know,” said Samuel.

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  1. chingchuan84 says:

    McCracken is not that creaky.. 😉

  2. Jiny George says:

    “Nothing against that name but we don’t want him to feel like a pussy, you know,” said Samuel.

    ROFL.. LMFAO 😀