India to make anti-rape device mandatory for women

In response to a nationwide outcry at a series of gang rape incidents in the capital, the Indian government has finally unveiled a comprehensive four-point action plan to tackle its rape problem. The key points in the new action plan, proposed by the United Pro-regressive Alliance (UPA), includes a nation-wide awareness program to promote domestic lifestyle, modesty in clothing, implementation of special transportation system and a new legislation to make electronic anti-rape devices mandatory for women.

“We believe that this is a progressive piece of legislation set to empower women in our country and is consistent with felt sensitivities of the nation in the aftermath of outrageous gang rapes in India,” the Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, told reporters late on Friday.

The proposed four-point action plan is based on the recommendations of a panel of prominent religious and political leaders, including Asaram Bapu, Abhijit Mukherjee, Mohan Bhagwat and selected Islamic clerics of the nation.

The new law makes it mandatory to wear electronic anti-rape device (named “C-Belt”) for women under age 70 in public space. However, it is expected to cost more than 300 Million rupees to make and distribute subsidized C-Belts to nations half a billion females.

india anti-rape device

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh presenting the C-Belt at the Press meet

During the press meet, news reporters are given a copy of the C-Belt for testing. “The C-Belt, designed by the Department of Defense, is made of high quality black Italian leather on the boarders for longer period of usage with minimal discomfort.” Defense minister A.K. Antony said to the reporters. “The lock and the central core metal piece is made of high strength liquid metal alloy, capable of defending a Ballistic missile attack”

In addition to a safety lock and key, the C-Belt is coupled with an electronic component that is regulated by a switch. Once you press the switch during a rape attempt, it will play a pre-recorded plea, requesting the rapist to stop the violence and to consider her as his own sister. After that, the device will continue with chants of Saraswati mantra until the offender(s) give up.

“Parents are responsible for safely keeping the key, till their daughter returns from work or school,” the Prime Minister said. The C-Belt has got enough pores to handle emergency toilet situations. “But generally, that should not be a problem. Due to the lack of public toilet facilities in the country, our women are trained to hold their urges for extended periods.”

The new legislation proposal has already drawn criticism from various political parties. Leader of the Opposition Sushma Swaraj termed the decision to offer C-Belts only in black “absurd” and said that her party will fight for more options. “Our women need more color options. Pink and Saffron would be nice.”

“Subsidized C-Belt will cost approximately Rs. 99 for BPL citizens and Rs. 299 for APL families,” Godrej Ltd, the trusted lock makers in the country, that won contract to make the anti-rape device, told The Wadiyan. “Definitely, there will be more choices. Our customers will be encouraged to order C-Belts with pure gold or diamond plated keys, symbolizing their status” company said.

Once the law is passed, violators could be punished with a fine of Rs. 500. The legal order by cabinet need to get approval of the president, Pranab Mukherjee, before becoming law and parliament must ratify it within six weeks of the start of the next session, which begins May 27.

Wadiyan TV

News Report on the Indian anti-rape device on Wadiyan TV

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  1. Zen says:

    This what they could come up with on the International Women’s Day.. :(

  2. Jango Unchained says:

    In India they took it seriously.. and made a real anti-rape undergarment!
    I wouldn’t be surprised if they make it mandatory for women too..

  3. Local dude says:

    Interesting stuff..

  4. Sardarji says:

    I think Wadiyan should sue those Indian students who used your Original idea without permission, to make their anti-rape underwear… 😀

  5. AnnMary says:

    If I were in India, I would buy it and wear it.

  6. Sardari says:

    Ok. if they have used “black ITALIAN leather” to make this device, it begs questions like:
    Which Italian company got the contract?
    How much was the total bribe they had to spend to get the contract?
    Who was the broker?

  7. NotStupid says:

    You idiots, this is a spoof website.

  8. Joanna Burk says:

    Tell me why they are talking about “Ballistic missiles” when discussing Rape?

  9. Clive Smith says:

    how about just hacking the bollox off rapists and no anasthetic ? that will soon get the message across !

  10. Rudrani says:

    Hey, I think there should also be some kind of system/ switch through which if a rape attempt happens at any given point of time and at any place, the victim can press the button/ switch and immediately an alarm would reach to the parents and to the local police (belonging from her area) that daughter in danger….location – Delhi…XYZ area along with time and few more details through GPRS. This way, it will be easier for police/ parents to take immediate action and a mishap can be prevented.

  11. Adersh Sj says:

    good idea , steel belts should be fitted to rapists also

  12. ram koyande says:

    worldwide spermcount falling drastically.only few hundred years to extinct human race.respected biologists of the world please explain that is it cause that male biological inspiration suppressed?

  13. anu says:

    this is the worst thing i’ve ever come across.

  14. Adycs says:

    mordern chastity belt ??

  15. vidu says:

    Firstly, Instead of increasing security and attempting to change the sick mind of men, they came up with this i.e. women should be incharge of their own security.
    Secondly, what about the rest of the body? is it okay if other parts are molested? That is not considered rape or at least attempt to rape?
    Thirdly, the rapists will not be able to come up with a way to ‘hack’ into this belt?

  16. Tamchi says:

    Why can’t they install a bobitizer on the device so when rape or penetration occurs she press a button and presto off with his dick!