Trump all set to prove yet another comedian wrong

Donald Trump is on a roll. After successfully disproving claims of his Orangutan ancestry, the famously outspoken real estate tycoon is all set to make out with Ann Coulter, to prove another comedian wrong. Previously, Seth Rogen, a wannabe actor and twitter comedian tweeted allegations against Donald Trump of making baby Satan, if conceived from Ann Coulter.

On Tuesday, after consulting with his attorneys, Trump informed the media of his well sketched out plan to have sex with the macho conservative commentator to produce a human baby.

“I have had discussions with Ann about this issue and she was very positive about fucking me,” said Trump with a smile in his face. “It is not about two people having sex. It is two Americans proving a point.”

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According to Trump’s attorneys, Seth Rogen has got a lot to worry about.  “Once Trump successfully demonstrate his baby with Coulter is human, Rogen will be fighting a Million dollar law suit,” Trump’s lawyer, Scott Babber, told The Wadiyan.

However, medical experts were generally skeptic about the biological feasibility of Trump’s plan. “We are not worried about Ann Coulter getting an erection. But Trump at 66 is too old to conceive’” said Dr. Parnassus from MIT.

Last month, after publicizing his birth certificate, Trump sued famously outspoken television host Bill Maher, demanding the $5 million Maher offered to give to a charity if Trump could prove his father is not an orangutan.

In addition to a birth certificate, Trump’s camp is accumulating genetic evidences to challenge the Orangutan ancestry claims in the court. By comparing Trump and ape genomes, in spite of a striking 97 percent similarity, researchers at the Mayo Clinic have identified several sequences of genetic code that differ between Trump and Orangutan. The vast majority of those differences are not biologically significant, but researchers were able to identify a couple of differences that are potentially important to prove Trump’s human ancestry.

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