Thousands celebrate annual piss-in-the-snow day in Canada

In spite of bone chilling sub-zero temperature and frosty wind, thousands of Canadians went out to celebrate the annual Piss-in-the-Snow (PITS) day in various cities across the nation on Friday.

“It’s cool but not that cold,” said Montrealer Michael Stiller of the freezing weather. Michael, who is proud of his Canadian heritage, is a regular face among the thousands who attend PITS day festivities at Montreal’s Jean-Drapeau Park every year. “This year I took my two-year old son Steven with me,” said Michael, pointing to his boy peeing in the snow. “We teach them to paint in the snow at a very younger age.”

PITS day

Traditionally, the PITS day is celebrated on the last week of March every year. Dr. James McCoy, Sociology Professor at McGill University, connects the tradition to an ancient aboriginal practice of saying adieu to the long Canadian winter. According to Dr. McCoy, some aboriginals believed that a mass peeing-in-the-snow ceremony would scare off the winter gods.

“Canadians really deserve this party,” said McCoy. “After such a long winter with shorter days and temperature falling to minus 30 degrees, it makes a lot of sense to piss off the winter gods at the end,” he added.

But for many of the attendees, it is not about getting rid of the winter. “We don’t really hibernate in the winter. We do a lot of stuffs,” said Mary Eisenmann, who is originally from Ottawa. PITS day is about culture and art. “We have got hundreds of artists paint in the snow all day with nothing but dick in their hand,” said Eisenmann.

Stephen Harper, the Canadian premier set fire to the festival in Calgary, although his attempt to paint a giant Panda went in vain due to unexpected equipment failure. In Quebec City, the Province’s premier and separatist party’s leader Pauline Marois utilized the opportunity to send a clear message to the Anglos.

JonathanJonathan from Toronto won a prize for his painting [Photo © CC- butwait/flicker]

HarperHarper attempted to paint a giant Panda [Photo © CC-Remy Steinegger/wiki]

PaulinePauline Maroise made a clear message to the Anglos [Photo © CC-Louperivois/Wiki]

According to the organizers, this year’s festivities included a separate snow-painting contest for men, women and transgender people in addition to the caribou drinking marathon as well as ice-skating. At the Jean-Drapeau Park in Montreal, people were roasting sausages over open fires, dancing to DJs, queuing outside the painting ring.

“This year we have more attendees than usual,” said George, who is selling the season’s favorite Sautéed Raccoon’s-Asshole-on-a-Stick, in his mobile Cabane à Sucre on the corner. For many attendees, the Sautéed Raccoon’s asshole was the draw to the PITS day festival. “You dip it in pure maple syrup and it’s just yummy,” said 11-year-old Jonathan who won a prize for his painting titled “The Flower”.

However, like many other winter-lovers, George is worried about the future of PITS day in Canada. “We are not getting enough snow these days,” said George. “You can’t piss in the snow if there is no snow.”

On a similar note, due to reduced annual snowfall in the country, the Canadian government has recently decided to withdraw itself from the United Nation’s Droughts and Deserts convention that mandated Canada to send ton’s of snow to drought-prone African nations every year.

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