Miraculous Black Baby Born to White Parents in Arkansas

Locals and friends of Mary and Joseph Smith in Arkansas got quite a surprise when a miraculous Black baby was born to the God-fearing White parents. Joseph and Mary, stunned parents of the little black boy named Todd Smith declared – “We are sure it’s our kid. But we don’t know why he looks black.”

Joseph Smith, a Carpenter at Little Rock couldn’t believe his eyes when he first saw the little baby. “I actually joked, is he really mine?” Initially Smiths thought it could be a case of genetic flip-flop. “We thought Todd is a blackbino. But when observed in detail, we found that unlike anyone in our family, Todd has got classic black man’s features,” says excited Mary Smith.

Black baby born to white parentsPhoto Source © MRNspace.com

The case of Todd bewildered Doctors at the Little Rock Children’s Hospital, as neither Joseph nor Mary are known to have any mixed-race family history. The only other possibility would be of Mary cheating Joseph when he is on his weekly business trips. However, Joseph swore on Lord that Mary would not do such a thing. “My wife is true to me. She is a God-fearing, family oriented lady.”

Locals at Walnut Ridge, the small town where Mary was brought up, also vouched for her character. “I know her since she was a teenager. She is a well-mannered pious girl with beautiful golden pubic hairs,” says local bartender Jimmy Madison.

Mary Smith’s parents Anna and Johns Turner strongly believes that Todd is a gift from God. “Little Todd is a miracle from God almighty. Our lord works in mysterious ways.”


How Miracle Babies are born? – Scientific Explanation

The befuddling scenario was finally brought to the attention of Dr. James Martin, a popular geneticist at the Department of Pediatric Medicine at Baptist Medical Clinic. After careful genital analysis and detailed interviews with Todd’s parents, neighbours and local prostitutes, Dr. Martin came to the conclusion that Todd is a case of unfortunate genetic mix-up. “The rules of genetics are not very simple and we may not understand what happens in many cases.”

According to Dr. Martin,

“Most likely, Joseph Smith had had sex with a prostitute who just prior to that had sex with an anonymous black dude who came inside her. When Joseph Smith made love to the prostitute, sperm from the black man inside the prostitute got caught up in his foreskin. Later, the same day, Joseph Smith went home and made love to his wife. Now, the black dude’s sperm, which was on the tip of his penis made it’s way to Mary’s vagina and fertilized her eggs.”

Miracle babies explained scientifically

“Genetic mix-ups like this is not uncommon in modern societies where people move around and interact with each other more than ever,” says the Professor. According to Dr. Martin, religious married couples tend to undermine the role of foreplay in their family lives. “A simple fellatio would have washed off those intruder sperms, in this case.”

“A simple fellatio would have washed off those intruder sperms”

When talked to The Wadiyan, Ed Schulman, Chairman of the American Association of Semitic Physicians (AASP), suggested that promoting circumcision could protect families from such racial genetic mix-ups. “If Joseph Smith was circumcised, that other dude’s sperm wouldn’t have stuck on his penis for long. It would have fallen off quickly.”

Later, Joseph and Mary Smiths said they are relieved to know the truth. “We don’t want to blame anybody here. But If I were a prostitute, I would have washed myself off before making love with the next customer,” said Mary Smith. “Anyways, we love Todd. I think our Lord want us to keep him with us until he finds a black family to adopt him.”

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  1. Jiny George says:

    hmm.. this made me remember another story circulating since AD 05 :D

  2. Ndi says:

    But wasnt Joseph interviewed? What did he say about sleeping with the prostitute while being a dedicated man of God? Is this even true?

  3. dk says:

    Locals at Walnut Ridge, the small town where Mary was brought up, also vouched for her character. “I know her since she was a teenager. She is a well-mannered pious girl with beautiful golden pubic hairs,” says local bartender Jimmy Madison…….lol the bartender know the colour of her pubic hair!

    • yah lite says:

      fore sure he knows and his not the only one

      what do i know over 60% teens in usa becomes sex workers at age 11/ 12
      she give birth to black baby yes 100% black went their and left his semen inside
      when husband is on trip

      by my experience in life and i still single man i don’t trust in any women i just trust on my teeths when doesn’t hurt

      if the black baby was his son will have similar look as father and doesn’t look like that

      100% was black banana she eat

      and poor the white was cheated and is paying for child support and his not the real father

  4. Ndi says:

    Hahahahahah @ dk…yeah you have a point, this whole thing is just a joke!

  5. This seriously just made me laugh
    smh people really believe this shit…and did she say todd will be adopted ? how is that even religious at all for this so called miracle baby fucking people are just a bunch of jokes to society

  6. kessha Beck says:

    its sad that they are giving him up for adoption…so sad!! “until we can find a black family to adopt him”!!

  7. Vanessa Patterson says:

    I would like to know if a DNA test was given, to rule out if in fact he is the baby father or not. May be down the line, one of them have Black ancestors. As you know many plantation owners had kids, with the slaves in those days. And many of those kids looked White, and in many cases went on to pass as White. Got married to Whites and had families of White kids, and years later the next generation could have a child that looks Black. So if there was never a DNA test taken for the father,and the baby. I would advise them to have one taken, because he might be the babies father. There was a case in Africa, in which the child looked Black, and when the father had a DNA test taken, it proved that he was the child father.

  8. joy says:

    The local bartender said that Mary had “beautiful golden pubic hair”???? Wth???? ….. how would he know?

  9. Lynne Juelle says:

    Why would you give your child up for adoption? You carried him for nine months. You said you people are God-fearing and that he is a miracle baby. Then?

  10. BARRY JOHNSON says:


  11. Nelson Wilkins III says:

    That geneticist needs to go back to school. I guess no one like the truth that genes tend to rework it’s mutations is common with your genetics that begin to travel back to it’s roots where all began to become once it’s one was. Look up the story of the 56 parallel and the origin of Caucasian people.

  12. G. Holston says:

    This is not a believable and creditable story… A well mannered pious girl with long beautiful golden pubic hair, stated the bartender!!! Good Christian woman, “RIGHT!!?” And, the blame goes to the husband, without a statement expressed by the husband as to his out of marriage sex life!!! Some people have nothing more to do than to pump out LIES!!!

  13. tasha kay says:

    Why are they giving the baby up for adoption !! Cause his black !! How CHRISTIAN of them !

  14. I don’t no but to me this seems so racesist

  15. Peyton says:

    Wait, so the wife would never cheat on him… but HE cheated on her? And all is good? This is messed up.

  16. smarten up people says:

    wow. there are some really gullible readers on the internets. i’ve got some swamp land for sale. who’s buyin???

  17. DATBULLKELL says:

    There is one problem with the scientific explanation. The baby would be lighter. I don’t know if the scientist knew but when my people sperm mix with white people eggs the baby will be light skin so it can’t be the prostitute thing

    • gl4d0s says:

      That picture seems to just be a stock photo, but this isn’t true. A mixed race baby could be as light or as dark as anyone in their family, past or present. In some cases you may not even be able to tell the child is of mixed race AT ALL.

  18. kaffeinekoffee says:

    how did the bartender no mary had golden pubic hair, she’s the prostitute.

  19. eauropean union says:

    huh thats funny I dont’ recall Jesus being handed off for adoptions? what a joke LOL what would the world be like with out hypocrites people wouldn’t know the God given truth that what it would be like hahaha. and im done.

  20. Honduran says:

    Just a parental DNA test and problem solve

  21. trina says:

    “After a careful GENITAL analysis”????? How exactly does a genital analysis determine someone’s genetic makeup?
    Hmmmm your black infant son’s penis is bigger than yours sir… So this definitely can’t be your child.

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