Miraculous Black Baby Born to White Parents in Arkansas

Locals and friends of Mary and Joseph Smith in Arkansas got quite a surprise when a miraculous Black baby was born to the God-fearing White parents. Joseph and Mary, stunned parents of the little black boy named Todd Smith declared – “We are sure it’s our kid. But we don’t know why he looks black.”

Joseph Smith, a Carpenter at Little Rock couldn’t believe his eyes when he first saw the little baby. “I actually joked, is he really mine?” Initially Smiths thought it could be a case of genetic flip-flop. “We thought Todd is a blackbino. But when observed in detail, we found that unlike anyone in our family, Todd has got classic black man’s features,” says excited Mary Smith.

Black baby born to white parentsPhoto Source © MRNspace.com

The case of Todd bewildered Doctors at the Little Rock Children’s Hospital, as neither Joseph nor Mary are known to have any mixed-race family history. The only other possibility would be of Mary cheating Joseph when he is on his weekly business trips. However, Joseph swore on Lord that Mary would not do such a thing. “My wife is true to me. She is a God-fearing, family oriented lady.”

Locals at Walnut Ridge, the small town where Mary was brought up, also vouched for her character. “I know her since she was a teenager. She is a well-mannered pious girl with beautiful golden pubic hairs,” says local bartender Jimmy Madison.

Mary Smith’s parents Anna and Johns Turner strongly believes that Todd is a gift from God. “Little Todd is a miracle from God almighty. Our lord works in mysterious ways.”


How Miracle Babies are born? – Scientific Explanation

The befuddling scenario was finally brought to the attention of Dr. James Martin, a popular geneticist at the Department of Pediatric Medicine at Baptist Medical Clinic. After careful genital analysis and detailed interviews with Todd’s parents, neighbours and local prostitutes, Dr. Martin came to the conclusion that Todd is a case of unfortunate genetic mix-up. “The rules of genetics are not very simple and we may not understand what happens in many cases.”

According to Dr. Martin,

“Most likely, Joseph Smith had had sex with a prostitute who just prior to that had sex with an anonymous black dude who came inside her. When Joseph Smith made love to the prostitute, sperm from the black man inside the prostitute got caught up in his foreskin. Later, the same day, Joseph Smith went home and made love to his wife. Now, the black dude’s sperm, which was on the tip of his penis made it’s way to Mary’s vagina and fertilized her eggs.”

Miracle babies explained scientifically

“Genetic mix-ups like this is not uncommon in modern societies where people move around and interact with each other more than ever,” says the Professor. According to Dr. Martin, religious married couples tend to undermine the role of foreplay in their family lives. “A simple fellatio would have washed off those intruder sperms, in this case.”

“A simple fellatio would have washed off those intruder sperms”

When talked to The Wadiyan, Ed Schulman, Chairman of the American Association of Semitic Physicians (AASP), suggested that promoting circumcision could protect families from such racial genetic mix-ups. “If Joseph Smith was circumcised, that other dude’s sperm wouldn’t have stuck on his penis for long. It would have fallen off quickly.”

Later, Joseph and Mary Smiths said they are relieved to know the truth. “We don’t want to blame anybody here. But If I were a prostitute, I would have washed myself off before making love with the next customer,” said Mary Smith. “Anyways, we love Todd. I think our Lord want us to keep him with us until he finds a black family to adopt him.”

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  1. Ndi says:

    But wasnt Joseph interviewed? What did he say about sleeping with the prostitute while being a dedicated man of God? Is this even true?

  2. dk says:

    Locals at Walnut Ridge, the small town where Mary was brought up, also vouched for her character. “I know her since she was a teenager. She is a well-mannered pious girl with beautiful golden pubic hairs,” says local bartender Jimmy Madison…….lol the bartender know the colour of her pubic hair!

    • yah lite says:

      fore sure he knows and his not the only one

      what do i know over 60% teens in usa becomes sex workers at age 11/ 12
      she give birth to black baby yes 100% black went their and left his semen inside
      when husband is on trip

      by my experience in life and i still single man i don’t trust in any women i just trust on my teeths when doesn’t hurt

      if the black baby was his son will have similar look as father and doesn’t look like that

      100% was black banana she eat

      and poor the white was cheated and is paying for child support and his not the real father

    • Katrina says:

      I was thinking the same thing

    • dia says:

      lol exactly the same thought smh

  3. Ndi says:

    Hahahahahah @ dk…yeah you have a point, this whole thing is just a joke!

  4. This seriously just made me laugh
    smh people really believe this shit…and did she say todd will be adopted ? how is that even religious at all for this so called miracle baby fucking people are just a bunch of jokes to society

  5. kessha Beck says:

    its sad that they are giving him up for adoption…so sad!! “until we can find a black family to adopt him”!!

    • D. Carter says:

      This whole thing is crazy, I don’t believe any of it. She probably cheated. Even God fearing women are human. And even if it was because of him being with a prostitute ( which is not something a God fearing man does). It seems they want to get rid of the child because its half black. If she got pregnant by some other white man instead of maybe a black man ( which seems not to be ruled out because i read nothing about a DNA test being preformed). Or if the sperm from the prostitute was from another white man instead of a black man, Would they keep the baby then because its still white???? Or is this God fearing couple really just a pair of BIGOTS which is not very Godly in my book. Ijs.

      • justice says:

        That’s a fact!!! How can they fix their mouth to possibly consider adoption be she considered divorce for his infidelity. .. smh I guess their God accepts adultery over adoption. …. Be not afraid of what is different from what you are use to learn from what is unknown to you…. you carry the name of jesus mother, proclaim your love for the Lord and yet you want to give away the child you carried bc he his skin tone isn’t the same as yours? ?? Just the mere thought sickens me.. There are women whom can’t even bare children how ungrateful are u…..

        • Wow says:

          You do realize this story is not real, right? The Wadiyan is a satire newspaper.

          Satire-the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.
          synonyms: mockery, ridicule, derision, scorn, caricature; More

    • Heather says:

      I was thinking the same thing!! Very sad!!!

  6. Vanessa Patterson says:

    I would like to know if a DNA test was given, to rule out if in fact he is the baby father or not. May be down the line, one of them have Black ancestors. As you know many plantation owners had kids, with the slaves in those days. And many of those kids looked White, and in many cases went on to pass as White. Got married to Whites and had families of White kids, and years later the next generation could have a child that looks Black. So if there was never a DNA test taken for the father,and the baby. I would advise them to have one taken, because he might be the babies father. There was a case in Africa, in which the child looked Black, and when the father had a DNA test taken, it proved that he was the child father.

  7. joy says:

    The local bartender said that Mary had “beautiful golden pubic hair”???? Wth???? ….. how would he know?

    • Mich says:

      My point exactly…….pubic hair????? So they are going to give up their child for adoption…..yet they said they love the child….

      • Katrina says:

        That is what I am saying. If God gave the boy to them, then they are going to give him away???
        God fearing? This must be fake because how,of all people, that bartender the color of her pubic hair?

  8. Lynne Juelle says:

    Why would you give your child up for adoption? You carried him for nine months. You said you people are God-fearing and that he is a miracle baby. Then?

  9. BARRY JOHNSON says:


  10. Nelson Wilkins III says:

    That geneticist needs to go back to school. I guess no one like the truth that genes tend to rework it’s mutations is common with your genetics that begin to travel back to it’s roots where all began to become once it’s one was. Look up the story of the 56 parallel and the origin of Caucasian people.

  11. G. Holston says:

    This is not a believable and creditable story… A well mannered pious girl with long beautiful golden pubic hair, stated the bartender!!! Good Christian woman, “RIGHT!!?” And, the blame goes to the husband, without a statement expressed by the husband as to his out of marriage sex life!!! Some people have nothing more to do than to pump out LIES!!!

  12. tasha kay says:

    Why are they giving the baby up for adoption !! Cause his black !! How CHRISTIAN of them !

  13. I don’t no but to me this seems so racesist

  14. Peyton says:

    Wait, so the wife would never cheat on him… but HE cheated on her? And all is good? This is messed up.

  15. smarten up people says:

    wow. there are some really gullible readers on the internets. i’ve got some swamp land for sale. who’s buyin???

    • Parham says:

      It’s funny how the Bartenderknows her since she was a teen. Says a lot about her “character” Lol

    • Ignorance is never bliss says:

      LOL I think the fact that people are actually commenting serious responses is even more hilarious than this fake story! Hahaha our society has to be at an all time DUMB!

  16. DATBULLKELL says:

    There is one problem with the scientific explanation. The baby would be lighter. I don’t know if the scientist knew but when my people sperm mix with white people eggs the baby will be light skin so it can’t be the prostitute thing

    • gl4d0s says:

      That picture seems to just be a stock photo, but this isn’t true. A mixed race baby could be as light or as dark as anyone in their family, past or present. In some cases you may not even be able to tell the child is of mixed race AT ALL.

  17. kaffeinekoffee says:

    how did the bartender no mary had golden pubic hair, she’s the prostitute.

  18. eauropean union says:

    huh thats funny I dont’ recall Jesus being handed off for adoptions? what a joke LOL what would the world be like with out hypocrites people wouldn’t know the God given truth that what it would be like hahaha. and im done.

  19. Honduran says:

    Just a parental DNA test and problem solve

  20. trina says:

    “After a careful GENITAL analysis”????? How exactly does a genital analysis determine someone’s genetic makeup?
    Hmmmm your black infant son’s penis is bigger than yours sir… So this definitely can’t be your child.

  21. z says:

    Did they do DNA testing or is this a cock and bull story?

  22. Jeremy says:

    You idiots don’t seriously believe this is a real story. “Golden pubic hairs”?! And the genetisist (rather than saying that the lady slept w/a black guy) goes the long way around and says that the guy picked up the leftover load from ahooker, and got his wife pregnant?! Don’t be so gullible!

  23. dhsscd says:

    PC to the max. Notice they don’t blame the woman. It has to be the man’s fault. It can never be the woman’s fault. Notice the prostitute’s image is probably white. Notice the black man’s phallus is drawn slightly larger than the white man’s. The white bitch slept with a black guy & that’s all there is to it.

  24. dhsscd says:

    And the story is fake of course.

  25. michael says:

    1st of April joke no doubt/

  26. Queen says:

    When I live in Sioux City Iowa, they would say, their a nigger in the woodshed, meaning someone has a black lineage. And those two don’t have blond hair, meaning they have melanin in their genes.

  27. Maury Povich those innocent women he said were lying may have been telling the truth al the while and only looks like they lying cause baby aint her husbands DNA. But he help put it there..
    I dont know if this story is true if it is its gonna bust child support court wide open and divorce court, no man can divorce his wife on the grounds of infidelity and prove it with a mixed dna baby. all woman got to do is bring up this story in court and husband cant prove she cheated cause baby aint his and he cant prove he didnt cheat what a mess in courts this would make..

  28. Gee says:

    The ignorance is hilarious. Naw, people. She been getting that black D that’s all and he didn’t pull out in time. Lol. Dumb assess.

  29. minagkur misari sawa says:

    God works in mysterious ways……… let’s not judge.

  30. Uhhh. Mary, and Joseph????? Familiar story????

  31. tutu says:

    But why is she thinking of giving the baby up for adopting if truly the child is their. You love your kid regardless of skin color.

  32. alfred osa says:

    i wonder if there are no DNA center out there- talk about fake christians he cheats and the wife is rejecting their so called god given baby-jokers

  33. Nukki says:


    • Larry Weed says:

      In my opinion, who ever wrote this story is tricking everyone. They probably adopted him. This reporter stole the pic from online and is having fun with you.

    • Nokosi says:

      She wanted some black dick and got it extra Caucasians can’t produce nothing but Caucasians or albinos that’s genetically impossible

  34. Joanne says:

    Lol the baby looks like a mini man.

  35. Yahcanon says:


  36. Smilee says:

    Why would is it necessary for “black family” to adopt him? He is her biological son, they didn’t just find him. What logic is there in adopting him out? Only God Can Judge

  37. Mr L.D. says:

    I learned in sex education that sperm dies once the air hit it. So the husband had to pull his dick out to put back in his pants. That means the sperm on his penis was exposed to air. So I come to this conclusion after she said this baby got real black features. He must be gifted like his real father. The one who been banging her back in while her husband been on long trips making love to street walkers.

  38. TABATHA says:


  39. percyb says:

    THIS mess sounds unbelievable !!!!

  40. Robert Russ says:

    You would believe that story instead of believing that his wife is a whore cheating on her husband! That makes more sense!

  41. Frankie says:

    That’s bull crap! So he had unprotected sex with a prostitute(eew) but he’s a faithful husband?! Lmao then he didn’t clean himself, went home to his wife n had sex with her with the prostitutes juices n another man’s sperm on his wee wee?!? So the baby ain’t his but its OK cuz he was the one that cheated not her n its OK to cheat on your wife unprotected with a prostitute in their world?!?! Smmfh wtf?!! The baby is the best that came from this nasty n horrible situation geesh he could have contracted aids or something else permanent so I guess that’s why he’s forgiven and they see this child as a blessing?!? I’m confused n this is sick. I hope its fake

  42. Renee says:

    I don’t believe this cause they name are Joseph and Mary think about Jesus mother name is Mary and Joseph was her husband Jesus was a miracle. And this story just don’t seem real to me I live in Arkansas and I having heard this story on no news here.

    • latonia says:

      Don’t even put God in it the way there living if this story is even true so many variables

  43. Laura Hogan says:

    My husband and I would love to adopt him. Find me On facebook God bless.

  44. Ed says:

    Like PT Barnum said, there’s a sucker born every minute and he’s one.

    • Mike Thomas says:

      I am in in absolute shock that the majority of these comments are from people who took the story seriously. I’ve seen some pretty good hoaxes and there’s no shame in admitting that you got tricked. However, there wasn’t any trickery here. It was so blatantly ridiculous, no one (or so I thought) would have even questioned the validity of the claim presented. They weren’t trying to fool anyone, but apparently that’s exactly what has happened here.

      Judging by the phonetic spelling and grammar of most of the responses, my guess is that most of the people who believe this is an actual news story from a reliable source (because obviously “The Wadiyan” is a verified and accredited news publication) are living in the deep south in extremely poverty-stricken communities, where education isn’t a priority, if it’s available at all. God bless your poor, ignorant, southern souls.

      Anyway, I thought this was funny shit!

      I do feel sorry for the imbecilic plebeians that are still trying to figure this situation out using the best of their hillbilly, racist logic. Although, no sympathy is extended to those who not only avoid questioning whether the story is real news, but who feel the need to discredit the story’s main characters by addressing the inconsistencies with the facts presented. At first I thought these comments were sarcastic jokes. I even began to wonder if I was being deceived into believing these people were sincere in their scholarly (this would be actual sarcasm) opinions.

      Unfortunately, they were not supplementing humor to this righteous moment of Internet hilarity. No, the motive was information (you know, to let us know whats REALLY going on here). So, what was clearly intended to be an outrageous, amusing article for the masses has turned into the perfect hoax for simpleminded, backward, half-witted social media participants.

      Case in point:

      Nelson Wilkins III

      October 13, 2013 at 1:26 AM

      “That geneticist needs to go back to school. I guess no one like the truth that genes tend to rework it’s mutations is common with your genetics that begin to travel back to it’s roots where all began to become once it’s one was. Look up the story of the 56 parallel and the origin of Caucasian people.”

      Way to go Nelson, you shot a hole right through that cockamamie leftover sperm theory! They almost had you! “Where all began to become once it’s one was.” You got this science shit down, Nels. On the other hand, Dr. Wilkins, it might not hurt the doctor to go back to school and study English (that’s the language and subject of study where you’ll be taught correct sentence composition, contractions… O.K., on second thought, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.)

      And as genuinely heartwarming as Laura Hogan’s offer (also on the behalf of her husband) was to adopt the child, I suspect (and pray) the Hogans would be disqualified for adoption by the courts on the grounds of mental deficiency.

  45. Carol Dale says:

    This is sooooo fake! I knew about the girl in South Africa, but the white South African people are only 89% White. The all have Black Blood. Any drop of blood makes you Black. I didn’t say it, white people said it during slavery. Seems to me you like you white people in South African are like the people in LA. Passing for white. Every white person down there scared to see their own Birth certificate.

    • Sandra says:

      This is a satire newspaper. I can’t believe how many people couldn’t tell that just by the content of the article.

  46. Porsche Yancey says:

    Wow! What are the odds, their names are Mary and Joseph & GOD worked miracle again. I wish I could adopt that beautiful baby boy.

  47. Erika says:

    Master was in everyone’s. Slave quarters so im sure some where down the line one of tje 2 has some African american in them people were known to cross over and if they are so christ like mary and joseph if God blessed you why give the baby up

  48. kclark916@hotmail.com says:

    This is so damn fake, at least this particular story, did no one else catch the names of the parents? Come on people they just happened to be named mary and joseph? Lmao!!!! Wasnt that wife angry about her man utilizing a prostitute? Please, there would be no relief from that stupid explanation!!
    The end is the real “kicker” mary is just waiting for a black family to adopt him? Bitch regardless of the sperm todd came from he came from your egg. that baby is your regardless!!

  49. Lala says:

    Have you not heard of the story of the black lady from Africa who was born to two white parents? Its very possible. So that prostitute crap makes you guys look stupid as shit.

  50. magicmonkey says:

    If Obongo had a son, it would look like that Turdlet.

  51. kesha says:

    If he is a blessing from God why are they putting him through adoption

  52. Jasmen says:

    If this is her child why would she give him up…… I don’t care if my child that I carried for 9 months is black white blue green or red…. I’m keeping my child……

  53. love82 says:

    Did Jimmy the bartender just say ” she is was well-manner pious girl with beautiful golden PUBIC hairs.” I think someone got a taste of the wife!

  54. Monica says:

    Correct me if I am wrong- isn’t this little baby their biological child. I understand the circumcised vs. noncircumcized and how that could be a reason for the child’s ethnicity. What I am troubled by is this innocent little boy is staying with his bio parents until he can be adopted. really? Without judging I must say this is not of God. God gives us a child as one of his blessings. They are not all perfect yet as parents we love and raise them just the same!!!!!! I am praying for you because it looks like you are refusing one of God’s blessings.

  55. Monica says:

    On the other hand if this story is false then more power to you.

  56. allen blackwell says:

    This is such crap! I was born, raised and currently live in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas. I’ve never seen these people in my life. this is a town if less than 5000 people. I’m sure it would be known if this were real.

  57. Mary needs to trash the man and keep her baby.he is nasty for sleeping around and not taking a bath before making love to Mary.

  58. yo mama says:

    Mary u know the truth, god knows and jimmy the bartender knows and now the web. Dumb@**!!!

  59. John Santilli says:

    I think the best responce was from Mike Thomas ,who’s education is paramount.

  60. Mia says:

    What is unfortunate about the gift of life what ever shade of colour @Dr Martin

  61. lea says:

    They need to be shot….and the author needs to be stomped on the finger for all of those grammatical errors….I think we all know that the lady fuck ed a black man and that’s why the baby is dark bc he is mixed……her husband us either pussy whipped, has low self esteem “Lil peter” or he has a air brain…….He can take a paternity test and prove the truth about his wife like the bar tender said….she has golden public gair….ie, he was calling her a small town slot on the low. …….that bitch need her as kicked bc women get accused of boring children with other men all the time only to prove the real fathers wrong but this whole pops up with a brown baby and a I don’t know attitude and reaction ……bitch please sit yo stinking black dick loving as down…….tell the real father and don’t be selfish all over I mean after all you were selfish enough to chest, carry the child, so give him to the ffather if he wants him and stop making us southern people look clueless….damn

  62. Mary says:

    What a bunch of gulli-fools! It’s a silly story! Do you believe everything you read? Bwahahaha!

  63. ABOUT

    The Wadiyan is an online satire newspaper that publishes fictional news reports, articles and multimedia content with the intention of providing pure humour.The contents of this website are © Copyright 2013 by THE WADIYAN and may not be reprinted or re-transmitted in whole or in part without the express written consent of the publisher. The Wadiyan is not intended for readers under 18 years of age.The Wadiyan uses invented names in all its stories, except in cases where public figures are being satirized. Any other use of real names is accidental and coincidental.While public figures and real events may be referred to in our articles to convey satire, the ‘quotes’ attributed to the ‘sources’ in our articles are fake, as is the context described around these personalities or events. Similarly, ’quotes’ presented as “Pseudo-quotes”are not real quotes. The multimedia content (images, video, audio) that form part of the articles and the implied context are works of fiction as well. 

  64. Pamela of Florida says:

    One word “DNA Test”?

  65. Brandi says:

    I don’t know whether to be amused or scared for the future of the human race that so many people read this & thought it was true!

  66. ana says:

    if this is true and your looking for someone to adopt him we can take him

  67. xb7054a says:

    did we all miss this part: “I know her since she was a teenager. She is a well-mannered pious girl with beautiful golden pubic hairs,” says local bartender Jimmy Madison.” ….uh yeah. about that.

  68. Jackie says:


  69. Renee Sanders says:

    “Beatiful golden color pubic hair?” Why would the bartender know what color her pubic hairs is if she was a pious woman? And if she is a God- fearing woman, why is she hanging out at bars exposing her pubic hair to the bartender?

    • OMG says:

      The story is NOT true. It is a satire. That is why the story was written to sound so ridiculous and contradictory as on the statement that you referenced above. Satire is written to sound extremely ridiculous.

  70. be blessed says:

    This is not the first case and surely not the last .

    God knows what he’s doing. It’s ironic that he chose a couple with the names of Mary and Joseph and the husband just happened to be a carpenter…The color of a child shouldnt be the issue on anyones case..Love is what our all might God is about.

    Be blessed you where chosen. Amen..
    Remember love is more than skin deep.

  71. Dar Johnson says:

    Interesting that the bartender knew the color of Mary’s public hair!?!

  72. Lafonda says:

    I want that beautiful baby.

  73. cleo tt says:

    This must be a joke. Wife’s name Mary husband Joseph (a carpenter) 😮 really? genetic mix up? waste of my time.

  74. Tammy Shaw says:

    Hahaha, its fake and funny as hell! This is a satire newspaper guys, lol! http://wadiyan.com/about/

  75. melissa louise says:

    Pathetic, our offspring can have traits genetically going back 99 generations, get a DNA test, there have been cases of throwbacks for centuries, its all in the DNA, which will either prove throwbacks exist, or there has been a clear case of infidelity, anyhow the fact that the baby is black should be no grounds to give him up for adoption, the world is going insane.

  76. Kimyko Keoki says:

    Hahaha some of these commenters really think this is a real story

  77. Kimyko Keoki says:

    Come on people their names were Mary and Joseph like from the bible. Any study done without a proper dna test is a joke. The bartender made a comment about her pubic hair while vouching for her character Lol this is a spoof

  78. mutt says:

    What a joke. The bartender knows what color pubic hair she has, the wide was faithful but doesn’t care that her husband is out there sleeping with prostitutes while he is away, and they don’t want to keep it because its black. They are god fearing people but not patents since they don’t want it, but then again would you want a reminder of your husband cheating. That’s why they are in Arkansas, because no one cares about them out there

  79. This is a Hoax!!!Look at the names MAry and Joseph Miracle birth? had this been real in Arkansas You would have seen a new article about woman and child shot to death and husband shoots himself in cheating scandal!!!This is Not true in the least! Not buying this one folks…

  80. Darryl Lee says:

    She got some of that black dick >: D

  81. Lydia kwamboka kagunda says:

    Give me the baby.

  82. Ann Louise says:

    This has had before in Africa were a white couple had a black baby and there other children were white look it up for yourself

  83. Mark says:

    Madness. “beautiful golden pubis hairs”. BAhahahahahahah!

  84. John doe says:

    I know the majority of the population are idiots but come on!!!! This is supposed to be humorous, to be read for entertainment. The amount of people commenting on here that actually believe this is funnier than the story. Im amazed any of you can even read.

  85. Lmao!! Ofcourse she was screwing a black dude!! That’s where black babies come from! Too ridiculous. Seriously.

  86. its a darn shame one can be so bias,hateful, all of the above, that they can’t even love what god has givin them.ason regardless of color he belong to you, just like you say you belong to God.””what if God have the same attitude about you????????Not excepting you n your color what ever that is ,,cause I can’t tell what r who you suppose to be r who you belong to ,,,,,but I do know one thing n that is if you r truly God;s child how can you give your son up 999999 months for what, you concive try keeping him n Love him .cause that man upstairs won’t be abe to under stand Who r What You Say U R ;nnnnthat is….You can’t be a child of his. With this Attitude;;;

  87. Erin Turner says:

    Dear idiots of the world,

    Satire was created to confuse you and clearly has done its intended job. Again if you sat there and thought this was real you probably shouldn’t be on this new invention they call “the internet”.

  88. Angie says:

    Whomever wrote this is very ignorant. This is not true and this is an absolute waste of time. I’ll put you in God’s hands and let Him deal with you.

  89. Karlee says:

    Come on you guys, she had unprotected sex with a black guy and got herself pregnancy and anyone who can’t see that must be totally stupid!!

    • To Karlee says:

      Anyone that thinks this story is true and doesn’t realize it’s satire must be stupid!!

  90. Patty says:

    I would have a DNA test taken.
    What a dumb ass to believe that is his kid.Don’t’ ever ever think that a woman is completely faithful woman of GOD r not…

  91. Karla says:

    I would love to adopt Todd. I have tried for years and can’t have kids. How to I contact the parents.

  92. bandit boy says:

    From the explanation above (have another look), the prostitute being black seemed to be a key point – but I cannot figure out why.

  93. Why do she want to give him up for adoption? It’s still her baby, she gave birth to him, oh he’s black.

  94. readbetweenthelines says:

    He sleeping around and so is she! She know who that baby’s real father is.

  95. Princess says:

    It’s all a lie; it’s either one of two things. Because the sperm dies after so long outside the body, so that couldn’t have happened. What really happened is that Mary Smith cheated on her husband and her husband and a friend of the family concocted some ridiculous story to protect his wife’s reputation.
    The other thing it could be is like in the bible they are Mary and Joseph and Joseph is a carpenter so that baby is Jesus and I guess it is true that Jesus is BLACK!

  96. Kennedy says:

    Ok if she claim God sent Todd to them. Why do they want to give him up for adoption? But claim to be so Godly!

  97. giomba says:

    Realized it was fake here…

    “I know her since she was a teenager. She is a well-mannered pious girl with beautiful golden pubic hairs,” says local bartender Jimmy Madison.

  98. the new testament says:

    LOL fucking racist blasters! Really? Going to hand him off like a fucking monkey. YOU GUYS WILL HAVE BAD KARMA FOR THIS! I believe you guys were racist and god gave you a black baby for a reason. If you guys give him up,you’ll probably reincarnated in Africa or be born black in America!This is so fucking funny and pisses me off at the same time LOL. LOL culture karma!

    • Relax says:

      Calm down. This story is not real. It’s a satire. Look up the meaning of satire and research the Wadiyan. All their stories are satire.

  99. cassie says:

    Why black family to adopt todd? Because he is black he can’t have white family?this couple are not God fearing.