Montreal Police Arrest 5-year-old Boy for Assaulting Cop with a Water Gun

Olivier Hanks, a 5-year-old boy from Montreal, was taken into police custody on Monday and questioned after an alleged assassination attempt at the Police Commissioner using a squirt gun.

According to the Police, the incident happened on Monday evening, when Commissioner Yan LaFleur was walking to his car near Plateau-Mont-Royal neighborhood. The boy, wearing a conspicuous spider-man mask and orange color T-shirt, suddenly appeared from the lawn of a nearby house and shot at the cop multiple times.

Montreal police chief

“Three rounds of shots were fired at me,” said the Commissioner, who miraculously escaped the attempt. “At present we are analyzing the colorful assault weapon to find out what was the liquid content used. It could be some kind of lethal chemical mixture or even gasoline.”

Marc Bucher, an eyewitness to the incident said the boy was arrested immediately after the incident. “I saw the cop making calls on his radio. Within minutes there were six police cars surrounding the boy.”


The police say that there are secret reasons they detained the boy, beyond shooting with the squirt gun. “We can not give more details at the moment. There are mysteries to be cleared like why the suspect was wearing a spider-man mask during the attempt and from where did he obtain the assault weapon?” said the spokesperson of the department.

Boy water gun montreal policeThe Boy’s mother Sarah Hanks said they bought the squirt gun from a local Canadian Tire the day before and the boy was playing with it in front of their house. “My son was just playing with his new toy. I don’t think he meant to hurt the Officer,” says the mother.

Sarah accused the police of using excessive force when arresting the 5-year-old. “They all jumped on top of my kid to seize the water gun.”

After the incident, four police officers including the Commissioner were taken to hospital to be treated for shock.

Although not formally charged, the boy is scheduled to appear in court next week.

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