“Boston Bombers are Not True Muslims”- Taliban

Mulla Rahmanullah, the Commander of Taliban’s international operations, condemned claims that portrayed the accused Boston bombers as True Muslims. “They are NOT true Muslims,” tweeted the commander in his twitter account on Tuesday. “First of all, True Muslims are blessed with the ‘beard of wisdom’. Those kids look gay and fake,” explained another tweet.

The Taliban Commander, who operates his twitter account from an undisclosed location, is known to comment regularly on issues related with Islam and bombings. Previously, Mulla Rahmanullah denied Taliban’s involvement in the Boston bombings in a telephone call with the United Press, hours after the explosion.

Boston bombers are fake muslims TalibanIn an extended conversation with reporters on Tuesday, the Taliban Commander laughed at claims portraying the Boston bombers as true Muslims.

“They made a toy bomb and killed what three Amrikkans – and you think they deserve respect as true Jihadis?” asked the Commander. “Those kids are nothing but a joke.”

According to Rahmanullah, there are more reasons to believe the Tsarnaev brothers as fake Muslims.

“If they were true followers, they should have shouted Allahu Akbar with their mouth wide open – so that the entire Boston will hear it – before detonating a real bomb,” said the Commander.

Rahmanullah stressed that unlike the Tsarnaev brothers; true Jihadis would have died along with “enough” Amrikkans, to be eligible to obtain their quota of 72 virgins in heaven.

“Look at those punks. They acted cowardly and finally got shot by Kafirs. Now that little one (Dzhokhar) is going to rot in jail. What a joke. If they where my children, I would be ashamed for the rest of my life.”

“Portraying those small time punks as true Muslims is a conspiracy by the Western media to belittle and degrade our great religion”

Rahmanullah believes that there is a conspiracy by the American media involved in this case. “Portraying those small time punks as true Muslims is a conspiracy by the Western media to belittle and degrade our great religion,” said the Commander. “They are fake Muslims or Wannabe Muslims at best. Stop spreading lies,” shouted the Commander before hanging up the call.

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