Satire News Evokes Serious Debate on Gun Control

A satire news story published by the Associated Press, about a 2-year old girl in Kentucky getting shot by her own 5-year old brother (!) shook the nation yesterday. As per the story that needs some real imagination to create, the 5-year old boy was playing with a .22-caliber rifle he received as a gift from his parents (!).

The best line in the spoof report says: “Although the fully loaded gun was kept in a corner of the house casually, the shooting will be ruled as purely accidental in line with the tradition, said the police.”

As the AP story is filled with humorous statements that narrating a fictional lifestyle of Americans, one would wonder if it is a work of Syrian Electronic Army.

However, concerned netizens generally took the joke for real and used the opportunity to engage in meaningful debate on the need for a stricter gun control in the States:

NRA tweet satire gun control

fox news tweet satire gun control

pro-life league gun control satire

richard dawkins tweet satire gun control

asa hutchinson tweet satire gun control

jesus tweets satire gun control

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