Ninja Shake!

YouTubers around the world were searching for the next sensational video after Gangnam style and Harlem shake. While Psy’s Gentleman couldn’t quite repeat the magic of Gangnam style, a bunch of boys from Florida has created an amazing Ninja Shake out of it (Watch the Video).

Ninja Shake is a fast Korean dance with quick moves, performed by a group of boys wearing Ninja costume to the tune of Gentleman. YouTube experts like Evan Murphy believes there are many reasons why Ninja Shake became a sensation. “It’s all in the jump cuts, which add that little jerk of magic. Plus, the Gentleman song’s beat is hypnotic, the setups and costume are silly and the routines only last less than a minute.”

How to make a Ninja Shake?

Ninja Shake can be done in any setting (at work, at school, under water, in the air, etc.). But wearing a Ninja costume is mandatory for all the participants.

To make a good Ninja Shake, you will need:

Men or Women (2-6)

Black Garbage (Trash) bags (2-6, Large size)

Scissors (1 pair)

Camel (1, optional)

Put on the Trash bag on yourself and make holes on the side for your arms to come out. Cut two small holes near to your eyes for vision.

Play Psy’s Gentleman music from YouTube and you are all set to go Ninja shake.


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