Not Boy or Girl: “Kate Middleton’s Baby most likely an Intersex”

As the euphoric due date for the Duchess of Cambridge approaches, the British subjects around the world and social media pundits have gone into a crazy brainstorming mode about the royal baby’s gender and name.

“Of course we are thrilled over the exciting baby news, but now we are dying to know whether Kate Middleton is expecting a baby girl, a baby boy — or a hermaphrodite,” said Mohammad Hussein, a cab driver in London.

Although it is highly unlikely that we would know the sex of the Royal heir until it’s birth, online child-birth experts predicts that Kate is pregnant with an Intersex baby.

Kate Middleton Royal BabyPhoto © CC- Comrade Foot/Jens Rost (Flicker)

“We have thoroughly analyzed all the statistical, historical and genetic possibilities before determining Kate and Prince William will likely be decorating their nursery in rainbow color instead of blue or pink,” says Lisa Ann, resident consultant and writer at the Baby Center Blog.

According to Les Experts, the top five reasons for Kate Middleton having an intersex baby are:

– Statistically, 1 in 1,000 children born are intersex. As the last 999 royal babies born were either a boy or girl, the 1000th one has to be an intersex.

– Thousands of years of inbreeding among the royals has the potential to increase chances of genetic complications.

– William’s stressful job as a search and rescue pilot could mean an Intersex baby is on the way. As men lived in stressful conditions are more likely to have complicated child-births.

– As per the sources close to the royal family, Prince William wanted a baby girl but Kate always wished for a baby boy. An intersex baby would come as a compromise for both parties.

– Online opinion polls about the baby’s gender showed results generally favoring the third option.

As reports from the betting establishments indicate the odds for having an intersex heir has leaped to the fore, with the odds now standing at 2 to 1, British Peerage experts are scratching their heads over finding a suitable Royal Title for the future King/Queen.

“It is a challenging situation,” said James Atkinson, editor of Monarch Magazine. “Most likely, based on the degree of maleness or femaleness, the royal heir might be conferred with the title Duke (or Duchess) of Middlesex”.


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