Royal Baby Born in London!

Everyone’s going ape over this baby boy.

royal baby born gorillaAfter weeks of anticipation, an endangered Western Royal Gorilla said hello to the world on Monday afternoon at the London Zoo. Weighing in at 8 pounds, 6 ounces, the tiny, wrinkled Royal primate seems to be doing well.

“It’s a boy and, from all signs, appears to be healthy and very active,” zoo president Anna Ferguson announced at 4PM, Monday. The news has been displayed on an easel in the front of London Zoo in line with the tradition.

When the news was announced, a large cheer went up from well-wishers and journalists outside the hospital while a large crowd greeted the posting of the bulletin outside the London Zoo.

“I am excited. One more royal welfare recipient has born,” cheered an old lady.

London Zoo’s chief veterinarian Marcus Aurelius, who led the medical team that delivered the baby, said he is extremely happy about the outcome. “Initially, there were some complications. So I had to put my hand inside the Royal Vagina to pull the baby out,” said the Chief Vet.  “I am very happy that I could help the endangered species continue with their existence.”

In spite of their glorious past, today, the western gorilla species are listed as Critically Endangered on the ICUN Red List. “Unlike other primates, Royal Gorillas need special conservation and protection,” says Ms. Ferguson, who holds a doctorate in Anthropology. “There are only few of them left. In the wild, they often fall prey to diseases, hunters, and habitat destruction. Their population counts have dropped 80% in the past 250 years”.

The baby hasn’t been given a name yet, but zoo officials said it won’t be long before their visitors start calling him something.

Image Sources: Gorilla Photo © CC-Wade Brooks/Flickr

Featured (Crowd) Photo © CC-Chris Beckett/Flickr

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