Rape Tourism Industry to see 30% growth in 2013

Hoping to build on strong growth in the recent past, Rape Tourism industry in India is expected to grow by about 20-30 percent this year, according to a forecast published this week by the Tourism Ministry in its website.

India_rape_tourism_growth“We expect 2013 to be another challenging year for Rape Tourism,” said K. Ramarajan, Director of the Indian Tourism Office in New Delhi. “But it has been going good so far this year.”

Rape Tourism, a multi billion-dollar industry in India, has shown huge uptick in growth after the globally celebrated Delhi bus gang rape incident last year.

According to an industry survey, the number of foreign female tourists arriving in India has increased sharply by 35% during the first three months of this year, largely seeking opportunities for getting sexually assaulted.

“We are not claiming that Rape Tourism does well only in India, there is obviously strong competition from some Asian and Arab countries. But certainly we have the upper hand in the industry as we offer the best package for tourists,” said Mr. Ramarajan.

“I do not think any foreign lady would want to visit Delhi for just getting raped. It is about the total package – stared at, groped, molested and gang raped.”

Canadian tourist Caroline Paolo (23), who got gang raped in the suburb of New Delhi last week, endorses Rape Tourism as a special experience worth every penny. “It was more of a spiritual journey to me,” said Caroline when interviewed at the Delhi Airport, waiting for her departure.

“Being born and raised in Canada in the 21st century, I seldom appreciated the good things I had in my life. After Rape-Touring in Delhi for about a week, I am going back with experiences of a lifetime,” said Caroline with a cheerful smile.

“For the first ever time in my life, I learned what it is like being afraid, being targeted and being disrespected. It was like getting on the Time Machine and going back. Now I realize the hardships women had to endure in the past centuries and what a marvellous life I really have. Thank you India”.

India rape tourism canadian lady

Although, the official statistics released by the government put India only third in the world when it comes to reported cases of rape, Sheela Dikshit, the reigning Chief Minister of New Delhi since 1947, expressed confidence about her country’s future.

“The latest forecast indicates we are on the fast track to becoming the favorite rape tourism destination of the world,” said Ms. Dikshit to The Wadiyan. “Definitely more work need to be done to reach the top. But we are getting there.”

Photo © CC- Pedro Ribeiro Simoes / flicker 

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  1. John king says:

    No need to travel all the way to third world countries, thanks to uncontrolled immigration, this is now available in the U.K. Multiculturism don’t you just love it.

  2. tina says:

    sorry Isabella and Caroline, thats all i can say ……an Indian. They are animals who cant stand opinionated women.I live in the Middle east where majority are indian men.I dont hear anything.They have the same mindset but strict law has put them in place.I love seeign these beasts here in UAE now.

    In my head I am laughing at them ( self proclaimed “men”). The arab men have more courtesy, they give you way , they dont rub you…thank god !!!!