Finally, Royal baby Poops!

Merely after few days of his birth, excited sources close to the Royal family reported that the royal baby has delivered his poop in traditional style.

royal baby poops british

“It is a huge one,” screamed Emily, the Royal nanny who found it first.

“It was a marvelous job by Prince George. We haven’t seen something like this in Britain over the past few decades,” said Raj Patel, the Royal Chef, after examining the excrement.

“Traditionally, Royal poop comes in greenish-brown color, smells like chicken shit and tastes sour.”


Sources close to Buckingham Palace confirmed that members of the Royal Family would assemble today to celebrate their future King’s fist successful accomplishment.

“The Prince has already proven he is quite capable to deliver what the world expects from him,” said BBC’s special correspondent Richard Perry, who is covering the event live.

Congratulatory messages are flooding in from around the world to mark the first successful defecation of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s son, the third in line to the throne.

royal baby poops world reaction

In line with tradition, the first Royal poop by the newborn prince is expected to go on display at the British Museum in London for a week, for the overexcited general public to see.

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  1. Maybe a kilo or two of this should be enclosed with the overseas aid cheque to Pakistan. Remind them, of what we all get in return for it.

  2. Yahoooo says:

    Very Interesting News..!