Cops raid local man for searching *explicit word* in Google

NYPD raid man for google search explicit wordsA local man from New York was pleasantly surprised after discovering a pair of NYPD’s finest officers at his house who came to check if he was all right.

The raid was caused by “suspicious” web search of *explicit word* in Google.

It seems that searching *explicit word* in Internet attract close attention of the US security forces since Jules Winnfield shot Brett for eating a breakfast burger in 1994, where the assaulter lavishly used *explicit word* before executing the victim.

The New York Police Department released a statement where explained their action by receiving a tip from the local hospital “regarding suspicious computer searches conducted by a recently released OCD patient”:

“The former patient was seen searching *explicit word* in Google on his laptop computer.”

After interviewing the staff nurse who reported the incident, NYPD Detectives visited the subject’s home to ask about the suspicious Internet searches. “We have a moral obligation to make sure that people are not wasting their valuable time searching *explicit word* in Internet,” – the statement reads.

But Melvin Udall (78), the man who suffered an unexpected raid, says his web searches were only for acquiring knowledge.

“They were pestering me with questions. Why am I wearing a bathrobe? Whether I was sick? What was I searching in Google when they arrived? I said I was searching *explicit word*.

They asked me to turn around and bend. Then they *explicit word* me one after the other, for over an hour,” said Udall to The Wadiyan over phone.

“I asked them why are they *explicit word* me? They said it was their duty to give Google users a lesson on practicing safe-search,” added Udall.

cop google search explicit word

Melvin Udall (78) was searching “explicit word” when cops arrived at his home.

Image Source: Grandpa Fedora Core © CC-prupert/Flickr

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