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scientists create sausage from foreskin

Breaking News: Scientists Grow Sausage From Foreskin Cells

In a groundbreaking study from the Weinberg Institute in the US, scientists have unveiled a new technique that turns foreskin tissue into delicious sausage that could one day offer a green alternative to raising livestock, help alleviate world hunger, and save some pigs their life. Scientists collected foreskin cells from voluntary human donors aged between 0-6 months and grew them into strips of massive muscle that they combined to make a sausage. The ...
NYPD raid man for google search explicit words

Cops raid local man for searching *explicit word* in Google

A local man from New York was pleasantly surprised after discovering a pair of NYPD’s finest officers at his house who came to check if he was all right. The raid was caused by “suspicious” web search of *explicit word* in Google. It seems that searching *explicit word* in Internet attract close attention of the US security forces since Jules Winnfield shot Brett for eating a breakfast burger in 1994, where the assaulter lavishly used *explicit ...
airlines to charge extra to sit near sexy cabin crew

Airlines to Charge Extra for Sitting Beside Sexy Cabin Crew

If you’re flying this summer to the US, be prepared to pay a supplementary fee to grab your seat beside that hot cabin crew of your dreams. As per the newly unveiled policy by the Americana Airlines, passengers will have an option to choose their seats close to a sexy Air Hostess with an extra charge of 100$, when booking online at the airline’s website. “This is the kinkiest way of travelling,” senior executive of the airline, Chris ...
india anti-rape device

India to make anti-rape device mandatory for women

In response to a nationwide outcry at a series of gang rape incidents in the capital, the Indian government has finally unveiled a comprehensive four-point action plan to tackle its rape problem. The key points in the new action plan, proposed by the United Pro-regressive Alliance (UPA), includes a nation-wide awareness program to promote domestic lifestyle, modesty in clothing, implementation of special transportation system and a new legislation ...
apple ipads

Apple ready to launch a new tablet-o-pod in April

Apple has unveiled its widely anticipated 5.7inch tablet-o-pod, the iPod Maxi. The device, which is 5.8mm thick and weighs 160g, was announced at an event in California. The entry wi-fi-only model, with 16GB storage and retina display, will cost $299 in the US and be available on the first of April. The iPod Maxi will compete directly with cheaper similar-sized tablets sold by Archos, Nokia and Sony P series.   Apple’s associate director ...

YouTube to offer free breast augmentation therapy for its Reply Girls

Google Inc.’s video-sharing unit YouTube LLC unveiled on Tuesday its plan to offer breast augmentation surgery to its Reply Girls for free. The new YouTube rule makes it mandatory to have F-cup size breasts for Reply Girls. “We’re always looking for new ways to improve the YouTube experience and (also) to support our partners,” said John Woo, program manager of YouTube’s Breast care team. “Technically, Reply Girls are not our ...